Obstetrics What To Expect Your First Prenatal Visit  We normally see patients at approximately 8 weeks of pregnancy.  During the first prenatal visit an extensive history will be taken,  including  personal medical  history as well as family history.  If there are any records to review, it will be done at this time.  It is very helpful if any available records concerning prior deliveries be forwarded prior to/or brought to this visit.  An overview of what testing and surveillance will occur during the pregnancy will be reviewed.  If any additional or specialized care is necessary, a plan will be made.  Bloodwork will be drawn for blood count, blood type, and a variety of other screening tests.  We will discuss screening for Down’s syndrome and trisomy 18  as well as scheduling your next visit and ultrasound.  A complete exam will be done including a pap smear if this was not done during the past 6 months.  It is very helpful to review literature on the ultrascreen and genetic testing so it can be discussed at this visit. Location 378 South Branch Road Suite 403 Hillsborough, NJ 08844 (908) 369-0970 Obstetrics-Home What To Expect Your First Prenatal Visit Prenatal Testing Ultrasound Obstetrics FAQs Medications in Pregnancy